At Wilder, we want your dog to live a long, healthy and active life by feeding them the meat rich diet they evolved to eat.

Our scientifically formulated recipe delivers a complete and balanced meal packed with all the nourishment your dog needs. Using only the finest natural and human grade ingredients with added vitamins & minerals, and containing absolutely no artificial preservatives, our meal is made with the same care and quality that you would want in your own food.

After all, our dogs are family and they deserve to be treated as such.


The cornerstone of Wilder is our commitment to using only the highest quality human grade ingredients.

Our recipe starts with a selection of premium-cut meat that we source locally. We then add freshly picked vegetables and herbs that are rich in essential nutrients, along with cold pressed plant oils and seeds which are loaded with antioxidants to help support a healthy immune system.

Finally, we include our fortifying vitamin and mineral mix to produce a complete and balanced meal that contains all the nutrients vital for your dog’s good health.


We are fully committed to maintaining the health of your dog, which is why we don’t add any artificial preservatives, flavour enhancers or colourants to our meal.

In fact, we rely only on naturally occurring preservatives and the process of low-heat dehydration to keep our food from spoiling. By using this method of preservation, we are able to keep our ingredients as close as possible to their natural state without compromising on the advantages and convenience of dry food.


Preserving food by dehydration is one of the oldest and most efficient methods of preserving food. By gently removing the moisture from food at a low temperature, we are able to minimise the loss of naturally-occurring nutrients such as enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

We put this technique to good use, slowly dehydrating our meat and vegetables between 75°C and 80°C to create a healthy meal that maintains the great aroma and flavour of fresh food.


Complete Adult Dog food


Our complete and balanced meal packed with protein has been formulated by one of the leading animal nutritionists and scientists in South Africa, Our easily digestible meal contains only áll natural human grade ingredients and absolutely zéro artificial preservatives. Perfectly suited for and enjoyed by all dogs

All the benefits of raw food with the convenience of dry

Human grade ingredients, we refuse to make any sacrifices regarding nutrition

Based on a high protein meat rich ancestral diet dogs are meant to eat

Absolutely no artificial preservatives, we rely on dehydration to keep our food from spoiling.

Dogs are family and should be treated like family

A Return To Nature



Ek’t aanvaarlik gedink dit sal moeilik wees om vir my 9 hondekinders van die kossies aan te maak, maar inteendeel! Dit is blits vinnig en die resultate is uit en uit die moeite werd.

Natuurlik begin al die lyfies te bokspring sodra ek die boks nader trek, asof hulle weet dat dit gemaak is van die beste en natuurlikste produkte met die hoogste voedingswaarde. Omdat meeste van die hondekinders heeldag saam met my op die plaas werk, kan ek verseker ń verhoging in hulle energie vlak sien.  

Christian le Roux

I am currently living with my mom. Her two pooches are entitled little so and so’s, but I love them despite this fact. I reference my mother because this Wilder Pet Food is so natural, flavourful, and nutrient dense that I would feed it to my mother during the coming global Climate Apocalypse. #Wearealldoomed.

Back to the dogs: It usually takes a lot of coaxing to get these Teacup Yorkshire terriers to devour their food, but not with these little nuggets of deliciousness, Brutus and Bonnie licked their faux-diamond encrusted bowls clean! I can report that Brutus’s coat is looking shinier and glossier than usual and that Bonnie no longer has dragon breath.

Janna Austin

Absoluut Bobaas! Ons is gerus gestel om te weet dat dit al die nodige nutriënte bevat en dat dit top gehalte is. Dit is merkwaardig in ons Jack Russels en German Shephard se pelse en gesondheids kondisie.

Julle gee vir ons honde n virewig in n kwessie van dae. Dankie Wilder !

Mandie Rautenbach

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